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THE MIAMI GIG – Starring Nicole Moudaber, Carl Cox, Charlotte De Witte & Indira Paganotto

In “The Miami Gig,” the stakes soar as Nicole Moudaber enters the chat, chasing recompense from Charlotte and Indira, the daring duo who once stole her diamonds. Set against the vibrant chaos of Art Basel and a high-stakes Formula One race, this sequel delves into a treacherous heist for a cursed mask that promises power and peril. As loyalties entwine and the thrill of the chase reaches a fever pitch, “The Miami Gig” plays out as a dance of danger and redemption, where every move could be the last.
Nicole Moudaber – As Herself (AI Generated Voice)
Charlotte De Witte – As Herself (AI Generated Voice)
Indira Paganotto – As Herself (AI Generated Voice)
Carl Cox – As Himself (AI Generated Voice)
Pilot Will – Will Smith (AI Generated Voice)
Agent Gerard – Tommy Lee Jones (AI Generated Voice)
Concept Development & Script: ChatGPT-4 by OpenAI
Visual Prompts Creation: ChatGPT-4 by OpenAI
Image Modifications: Adobe Photoshop Generative Fill
Face Integration: FaceSwap
Camera Movements & Visuals: Midjourney / PikaLabs
Voice Cloning: ElevenLabs
Sound fx: Epidemic Sound
See You Next Tuesday (Danny Tenaglia’s Return To Twilo Mix)
Nicole Moudaber / Carl Cox
Cobra – Indira Paganotto
Come to My Beat (Feat. Romina) – Nicole Moudaber
Vagabundo (Nicole Moudaber remix) – Blackchild
Formula – charlotte de witte
Angels Never Die – Indira Paganotto
Reasons to Love You – Nicole Moudaber
Special thanks to:
isle of man tt
there will be a prequel.