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THE MANHATTAN GIG – Starring Charlotte De Witte & Indira Paganotto

In the electrified heart of New York, two audacious techno producers turn to the ultimate heist. But when a single misstep catches the eye of a relentless influencer’s drone, the NYPD’s pursuit becomes a high-stakes game of adrenaline and ambition. Tonight is Mischief Night. Perfect time to premiere. This film was made completely with the use of AI. DIRECTED BY: SHVWN COOPER Meet the Incredible Cast: Charlotte De Witte – As herself @charlottedewittemusic Indira Paganatto – As herself @indirapaganotto Drone Kid: AI Voice Based on Angus Cloud Angelo Pappas: AI Voice Based on Gary Busey Lt Spencer: AI Voice Based on Keith David Cpt McKenna: AI Voice Based on J. K. Simmons Albert -AI Voice Based on Nathan Lane Subway Dispatch: AI Voice Based on Don Rickles Mike the Conductor: AI Voice Based on George Carlin As Himself: AI Voice Based on Steve Irwin As Herself: AI Voice Based on Maria Costello @mariacostellombe AI and Technical Credits: Concept Development & Script Organization: ChatGPT-4 Visual Prompts Creation: ChatGPT-4 Image Modifications: Adobe Photoshop with Generative Fill @adobe @photoshop Face Swap by Insight: The magic of FaceSwap for consistent character design Camera Movements & Visuals: Runway Gen 2 @runwayapp Voice Cloning: Inspired samples from our DJs and Cast Interviews @elevenlabsio Sound Effects – Epidemic Sound @epidemicsound SOUNDTRACK: KATANA – INDIRA PAGANOTTO RAVE ON TIME – CHARLOTTE DE WITTE MAGNETIC PULSE – INDIRA PAGANOTTO DOPPLER – CHARLOTTE DE WITTE RPM – CHARLOTTE DE WITTE LEGEND – INDIRA PAGANOTTO AGE OF LOVE – CHARLOTTE DE WITTE / ENRICO SANGUILIANO